The Class Company offers advice and/or management services to exceptional talent. Thanks to our years of experience in the entertainment industry, we have access to an exclusive network in this sector, both nationally and internationally. This allows us to define and guide the right path for any talent we work with, for a longer period of time or on a project base. 


The Class Company offers the following services: 

  • Day-to-day and personal management
  • Business management | general advice and sounding board
  • Set and monitor short- and long-term goals
  • PR management | exploit marketing opportunities and market position
  • Contract negotiations
  • Access to a carefully constructed network worldwide
  • Mitigate risk



We offer workshops and private sessions that are tailored to bring out the individual needs and development goals of yourself, your business of your students. During an hour session, one of our highly acclaimed speakers will share his stories and experiences with your group, motivate them and teach them the tricks of the trade. There will also be an opportunity to ask the talented professional questions.

Thanks to our large network of professionals in the highest level of the international entertainment industry and luxury services, we collaborate with multiple motivation speakers in this sector.


Feel free to call our office for additional information; we’re happy to show you all the different possibilities.


Jennie Lena


Jennie Lena stands out! She’s real, raw, funny and you can feel her strength and her sensitivity both on and off stage. Soaring vocals that are powerful yet delicate, hosting great depth and sincerity. She grew up in a family of musicians: from her great grandfather to her parents; they all sang and played an instrument. From every room of the house you could hear different musical styles emerging. Now Jennie breathes new life into the diverse musical styles she grew up with and loves: Soul, Blues, R&B, Funk, HipHop and Black Gospel.

This Amsterdam-based gem is blessed with an outstanding voice and a natural gift for songwriting, she is a distinctively emotive artist combining timeless music with her own contemporary twist. Constantly walking the line between pain and hope.

Her definitive breakthrough happened when she auditioned at ‘The Voice of Holland’ in 2015. Her ‘blind audition’ song ‘Who’s Loving You’ instantly went viral, drawing attention all over the globe. Jennie’s rendition of ‘Who’s Loving You’ has now been watched over 40 million times, with the view count increasing daily.

The world’s most popular music blogger Perez Hilton said: ‘It wasn’t only the best audition for The Voice, it was one of the BEST auditions I’ve EVER seen for a singer competition. Jennie is one of my favourite vocalists ever!’




Monsters                                            September 2009
Life’s like a chox of bogglets            September 2011
To Be Honest                                     October 2018


  • “Jennie is one of my favourite vocalists ever” – Perez Hilton
  • “Jennie is best described as raw, pure and playful” – MusicMaker
  • “Just the right swagger to completely own her performance” – Huffington Post
  • “Holy Shit, What a voice” – 9Gag
  • “Jennie is not only known for the beauty of her voice but also for her free, natural, sensitive and powerful expression.” – nl


James Watss

James Watss’ name has been buzzing in the Dutch urban/pop scene for quite some time now. He reached a gold status with his hit song ‘Laten Gaan’, was the support act of Lil’ Kleine, did a collab on Jonna Fraser’s ‘Maatje 45’ EP, Dio’s ’De Man’ and did a pick-up session with Cho and Hef. James Watss’ songs already achieved millions of streams.

James Watss started singing in the church choir were he went with his mother as a child. It didn’t took a lot of time before he started to write his own songs. “About girls of course, it was the age I guess”, James laughs. “I loved and still love music from Ginuwine and Donell Jones. Blues also has a big influence in my music, but in a James Watss kind of way.”

Also James Watss’ father played a major role in his musical upbringing. “I used to sit a lot in the car with my dad as a child, when he picked me up at my mom’s for a two hour drive home. He always bought the latest R&B albums, but also soul, hiphop, house and even techno. At a young age I learned to appreciate the different styles of music. This helped me to find my own style as an artist. To me it was very important to show people that James Watss doesn’t only know how to sing a nice hook, but that he can also create actual songs.”

“The last few months I have been hiding from the public scene on purpose to completely focus on my music. Creating a new management team helped me to sharpen my vision more than ever. I signed a record deal at Sony Music and a publishing deal at CTM. I can’t wait to show Holland and the world what James Watss stands for. I truly hope that my fans are willing to join me on this journey, because I have so much to show.”

James Watss worked for, among other producers: Project Money, Chievva, Davey Donovan, Krankjoram, Hoodie en Reymuzik.

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